Assisted Living

Tabor Crest Assisted Living

Assisted Living Facility is designed for people that need various levels of medical and personal care. These facilities provide a home-like setting and are designed to promote independence to its residents. And they offer services to promote independence to its residents and provide assistance with their daily activities. Assisted living facilities also presents countless opportunities for the residents to have meaningful engagements and socialize with others.

Assisted Living Services in Portland, OR, serves individuals that need assistance with their daily activities and support them so that they’ll flourish. They have programs and care plans that are designed to help them overcome challenging tasks and to provide them with a nurturing environment where they can grow and prosper. The resident does not have to worry about doing household chores, eating alone, or socializing, as they will be presented with plenty of opportunities for healthy socializing, and housekeeping is one of the many services offered.

At Tabor Crest Senior Living Homes, our goal is to provide individualized care services to the residents so that they can thrive. We provide a safe, friendly, and nurturing environment with activities and programs tailored to the needs, preferences, and interests of the residents. So, if you’re looking for an Assisted Living facility in Portland, OR, consider Tabor Crest. Visit Us!