Memory Care Facility Portland OR: Dealing With Dementia And Confusion

Memory Care Assisted Living Portland, OR

Dementia can change your loved one completely, and you will notice that they are not how they used to be before. You will notice their depressing battle with memory loss and other cognitive limitations. And dealing with them can be more nerve-wracking and heartbreaking; it will not only be difficult for them to deal with it, but you as a caregiver or a family member can also face burnout. It will also be heartbreaking to see them forgetting the family members and friends, failing to recall recent events, and talking about their deceased loved ones who they believe are alive. When you see them confused and at their worst, you may feel helpless and dejected, but there are some strategies that you can use to reduce stress, confusion, and maintain a healthy relationship with your aging loved one. Although the best suggestion is to move them to a Memory Care Assisted Living Portland, OR, where they will receive the care they need.

See The world From Their Point Of View- Seniors with Dementia finds it hard to keep a track of what is real, what is memory, or imagination. If you try to pull the seniors to the real world by correcting them, it can cause confusion, stress, fear, and anger, which will only worsen the dementia symptoms. So, instead of doing this, try to affirm and join their reality to have a better understanding. If your loved one speaks as though they are living in the past, instead of correcting them, keep the conversation going.

Make Use Of Distraction and Diversion- Most of the experts suggest using distractions to help them remain calm and avoid worsening the dementia symptoms. You can also distract them from topics that can cause them stress by changing the topic. Or if you find them repeating themselves over and over again, changing the subject or asking them to assist you with some task will be helpful. You can also make use of music and soothing sounds to distract them. Remember, the goal is to make your loved one feel comfortable.

Correct Them Gently And Use Brief Explanations- When your loved one is confused, sometimes you will have to correct them. And in this type of situation, correct them gently and as briefly as possible. Reduce confusion and other negative emotions by phrasing your corrections as suggestions. And when you are talking with them, make sure that you are using simple words that your loved one will recognize. Making use of physical reminders, such as photographs will also be helpful in gently reminding the senior.

Respond To Their Feelings, Not Words- When your loved one is confused and angry, and you have to deal with them, instead of replying to their words, ask yourself what emotions might be there behind your loved one’s words. If they are lashing out, you should consider the possibilities; perhaps it could be because they are afraid. When you understand their underlying feelings and emotions, you can then reassure them that everything is okay. You can also perhaps offer them a hug or hold their hands to make them feel more at ease. It is important to remember that at all times, you should respond calmly.

You Should Also Take Care Of Yourself- Caring for a loved one can be demanding and exhausting, and although you can follow these tips to reduce stress for you and your loved one, you should take care of yourself. Taking care of yourself is important to avoid caregiver burnout. Caring for your loved one with dementia will take a big toll on your life, so make sure that you are not overdoing it, And the deal option here s to move them into a Memory Care Facility Portland OR. And if you find yourself getting hurt by the words that they are saying, remind yourself that they are not doing it on purpose.