Memory Care

Tabor Crest Memory Care

Memory care is a long-term solution for older adults who are diagnosed with memory-related sicknesses. Memory Care Facilities provides a wide range of services, including a secure unit with trained staff who understand the needs of people with memory-related illnesses. Tabor Crest Memory Care Community has been serving individuals with dementia and other memory-related illnesses for over a decade and has a calm and home-like space to make them feel comfortable.

Memory Care Assisted Living in Portland, OR services are specifically for the residents to thrive and manage the challenging task of living with memory-related illnesses. Memory Care Services usually include memory-focused activities and other memory care techniques that will help reverse memory loss and improve their ability to store memory and cognitive ability. These kinds of facilities also believe that every individual has unique life experiences, so they come up with an individualized care plan for each individual.

Consider Tabor Crest if you are looking for a Memory care facility in Portland, OR, as it provides consistent and quality care services to the residents and help them improve their cognitive and mobility. They are designed for the residents to thrive with experienced caregivers and with games and activities that the residents will enjoy. Contact Us To Know More!