Preventing Seniors from Feeling Isolated: A Guide

Senior Assisted Living and Memory Care Facilities in Portland, OR

Isolation is the worst case an elderly one can feel and usually, it happens all the time. Once you have reached your old days, getting isolated becomes a normal thing as the confidence tends to lose. As an aging adult, individuals start feeling less young which hampers their ability to feel confident about their state of being. This is the only reason why it has been demonstrated to lead to numerous detrimental health effects, including mortality, dementia, and even an increased number of falls. If you have a senior living with you at your place, you must have been giving time to them but, this is also true that sometimes you can’t reach out to them. In this situation, the best you can do is, let your senior ones move into an Assisted Living Home in Portland, OR that will not only give them the right care but, also combat loneliness and social isolation.

With the help of assisted living facilities, one can definitely scratch out the isolating moment however, in case you are wondering how assisted living facilities can help overcome isolation, here is what you need to know.

If the senior is lonely, examine changing the housing arrangement. The reason of feeling lonely is because you are alone however, the root causes may differ from situation to situation. But, once an assisted living facility enters, a new environment is built along with several new habits, that are best for the seniors.

At an assisted living facility, the seniors have the freedom to join clubs depending on their hobbies, while be a part of various therapy sessions, including music, physical, art, and pet feeding. They can also play various games, learn something new, and attend sessions that will improve their memory. Fitness is important which is joining fitness classes can also be a great option for them to keep their own selves engaged, get spa services, go for walks, picnics and more. And the best thing is that even the family members can visit them anytime that they want and stay over.

How Serious Social Isolation Really Is?

Studies have been conducted on social isolation in senior citizens, and it shows that it can lead to long-term problems. These health problems include lung disease, arthritis, poor mobility, depression, malnutrition, suicide, risky behaviors like smoking, and more. It impacts the health, well-being, and quality of life of older people. It can also lead to re-hospitalization if they have any other existing issues, and they become more prone to falls. It can cut them off from the outside help they need; therefore, it is important to stay connected.

In case your loved one is facing the same loneliness issue, it’s time for you to explore the best options around and choose the most reliable Assisted Living Facility in Portland OR that suits your loved one’s schedule and preferences the best.