Transitioning Your Loved One into Dementia Care Home Portland OR

Dementia Care Home for Your Loved One in Portland, OR

As the effect of dementia in your loved one becomes too much for the family and the caregiver to handle, the best decision will be to place them in a Dementia Care Facility Portland OR. To make this decision, you’ll have to consult with your family, healthcare professionals, make financial arrangements, and then chose a home for your loved one. The next step is to prepare your loved one for transitioning to the next level. Everyone handles transitioning differently, so you need to choose the transitioning tips that will fit the needs and personality of your loved ones. The following are some of the tips to help ease the transitioning process for your loved one.

Avoid Telling Them That They Need More Help- As much as possible, you should avoid having the conversation that tells them that they need more help. People with dementia cannot identify that they have a problem, and when you suggest that they can’t do something, they can get angry.

Recognize That The Transitioning Process Will Be Challenging- It is important to realize that transitioning from home to residential care can be challenging. Although long-term care communities provide important round-the-clock care, nutrition, social activities, and support services that will improve the quality of life for your loved one, you should still be wary about the transition process.

Align The Moving Time With Your Loved One’s Best Time Of The Day- Another tip is to plan the moving time based on your loved one’s best time of the day. If they are at their best in the morning and worst around sundown, you should plan to arrive at the institution early in the day. Doing this will allow them to get settled in.

Work With Counselors and Manager To Ease The Transition- Another tip is to work with counselors and managers who will help ease the transitioning process. By working closely with them, families and caregivers can follow closely along with the memory care program and come to know about their many benefits. And having the knowledge will be helpful for your loved one.

Take Advantage of the Transition Programs Offered By Care Facilities- Make sure that you speak with the facility’s staff about the transition program offered there. These programs are designed to help your loved ones adjust to the nursing home without the presence of the other family members. Not every scenario offers a gradual introduction to a memory care nursing home, and in such cases, transition programs are helpful.

Make Visits Before The Moving Day- To give the patient a sense of comfort and familiarity, visit the memory care facility as often as possible before the move. You can also talk to the staff and ask them to provide some care that they can provide in the old apartment to make the transition smoother. You can also encourage the senior to engage in activities and meet new people.

Do Not Announce The Move In Advance- To avoid anticipation anxiety, do not announce that they are moving in advance. Make sure to wait until the date is close to making the announcement. Moving anticipation anxiety can cause extreme negative feelings that lead to extreme behaviors. Not giving them advance notice will promote a calmer state of mind for the transition.

These are some of the tips that will help you make the transition of your loved one into a Dementia Care Home Portland OR easier. When you look up tips to make the process easier, make sure that you understand that everyone will face the transition differently based on their needs and behavior.